Tidylicious offers a variety of services:

  • Free Consultation – 30-minute video call to discuss your tidying needs
  • Tidying Sessions – 1:1 sessions, at your home or via video call, to declutter and organise your home or office with the help of a Professional Organiser
  • Online Course – 1:1 live online sessions to give you the tools and inspiration to declutter and organise by yourself
  • Talks/Workshops for groups – Presentations about decluttering and organising for a variety of groups, from corporate to local communities
  • Gift Voucher – A digital gift voucher for your loved ones, if you’d like to give someone the gift to declutter and organise their space

Free Consultation
I offer a Free Consultation. During this 30-minute video call, we’ll talk about what and why you’d like to tidy, and I’ll explain how I can help you. It’s also an opportunity to ask questions.


“When you surround yourself with possessions that spark joy, you’ll create a home and life you love.”

Spark Joy, Marie Kondo

Tidying Sessions

Tidying Sessions can take place in-person, where I come to your home or office, or via video call, where I coach you through the process of decluttering and organising your space.

I offer three packages, but Tidying Sessions can also be booked as single sessions.

Bath room with colourful flower wallpaper

“Clutter attracts clutter and calm attracts calm.”

Soulful Simplicity, Courtney Carver


16 hours


When I help people to declutter and organise their homes, we work in categories and there are five categories (clothes, books, papers, komono, sentimental). When you book the ‘mini’ package, we usually start off with organising your wardrobe and after that, we will make a start on each category of items together. You will probably need to finish each category by yourself. Mini-licious for you if you’re happy to do ‘homework’ between our sessions. Extra hours can be booked at £44 per hour, with a minimum of 3 hours per session.


30 hours


Maxi-licious is the most popular package and is for people who want to ensure that they get the results they’re after. Your aim might be to have a permanently tidy home where you know where everything is (no more searching for items!). A home where you feel calm, focused and in control. Maxi-licious is for you if you’d like to declutter and organise your home once and for all, and don’t want to experience rebound (you don’t want to go through the process again in a few months’ time!). Extra hours can be booked at £42 per hour, with a minimum of 3 hours per session.


60 hours


Mighty-licious is for people who own quite a lot of “stuff”, and possibly have a larger house. It’s also ideal for people who know that they find it difficult to let go of items. This package allows you the time to talk about this, and to dig deep into the reasons why you’re holding onto items. If you live with other people and they are interested in decluttering and organising their items, you can share the hours in this package between you, making mighty-licious ideal for couples and families. Extra hours can be booked at £40 per hour, with a minimum of 3 hours per session.

If you do not want to commit to a package, you can also book Single Tidying Sessions. Single Tidying Sessions cost £49 per hour and must be booked in blocks of 3 hours or more. For the first session it is recommended to book a minimum of 4 hours, as it includes a home tour.

When booking a package, we decide together how you’d like to divide the hours over several sessions, but each session must be at least 3 hours and I recommend 4 hours for the first session.

In my FAQs you’ll find information about which areas in south east London I cover (and also that I’m happy to travel further afield), how many hours you might require, and I’ve tried to cover many more frequently asked questions. 

The first step to booking Tidying Sessions (single or as part of a package) is to schedule a Free Consultation.

‘Tidy in Five’ Online Workshop

If you prefer to declutter and organise your home by yourself, but would like some guidance on how to do this, the ‘Tidy in Five’ Online Workshop is perfect for you. It will give you the tools and inspiration to get it done, by yourself. There will be five live online 1:1 sessions with me.

Each session, I will explain about a different aspect of decluttering and organising, and I will set you ‘homework’. We will discuss your homework and any questions that you might have. After each session you will receive a worksheet or checklist to help you with your homework.

As these are 1:1 sessions, you can choose your start date and decide how regularly you’d like your sessions (weekly, fortnightly, or monthly).

The ‘Tidy in Five’ Online Workshop costs £199 per person.

To book a ‘Tidy in Five’ Online Workshop, please schedule a Free Consultation, so that we can discuss your start date.

Occassionally, I offer my ‘Tidy in Five’ Online Workshops as online group sessions, starting at a set date. These group sessions are offered at a lower price per person. To be the first to know when the next ‘Tidy in Five’ Online Group Workshop takes place, please sign up for my newsletter by filling in my contact form and typing ‘newsletter – workshop’ in the message field.

Talks / Workshops for groups

Are you looking for an engaging subject for a talk/workshop for your group, whether that’s a corporate team or a local community?

My presentations can be about decluttering and organising at home or in the work place. I could talk a little bit about everything, or focus on one or more aspects, such as wardrobe organisation, the benefits of decluttering, how to organise paperwork, just to name a few. The presentations can be booked as a one-off or as a series, if you wanted to dive a bit deeper into the subject. Each presentation can be tailor-made and I can adapt the length of the presentation to your specific needs. Please contact me to discuss the possibilities.


Gift Voucher

If you know someone who would love to declutter and organise at home, or at work (or their home office), you can now gift them a Tidylicious Gift Voucher at £196. The recipient can choose to redeem their voucher for one of these Tidylicious services:


  • Gift Voucher – A digital gift voucher for your loved ones, if you’d like to give someone the gift to declutter and organise their space

“The magic in letting go happens when you feel light, wherever that may be.”

Soulful Simplicity, Courtney Carver

"Thank you so much. I’m going to sleep now with a grin of satisfaction on my face just thinking of all the tidy clothes in my closet!"

Michèle, Peckham

"Hester is patient but persistent. I was able to get rid of more than I thought I would and it feels great!"

Melanie, Charlton

"I can’t express just how much Hester has helped me so far. It is so much more than decluttering. It also helps so much to let go of the past and move on!"

Rita, Brockley

"I didn’t know I could achieve so much by tidying and storing items in a different yet simple way. The time spent with Hester was both very productive and pleasant. The right comments always came at the right time and the results are amazing. It never felt so easy and effortless to keep my flat tidy, even with a child around."

Maggie, Lewisham