To bring order in something; arrange neatly.



Someone or something that is delightful or extremely attractive.

Tidylicious home

/ˈtaɪdi ˈlɪʃəs həʊm/

An extremely attractive home where everything has been put in order in a delightful way.

You deserve a calm and clutter-free home

Make space for what matters with my Professional Organiser services.

A stress-free and joyful home

You want more time with your children.

You want to be able to read a book – without watching the pile of washing teetering in the corner and thinking you should put it away first.

You want to fall in love with an old hobby again – instead of spending your time putting away everyone’s stuff.

You want to invite your friends over spontaneously – without panicking about the state of your living room.

You want to spend time in your home without feeling guilty and stressed.

Hester from Tidylicious is reading a magazine on her sofa in south east London

“If you put your house in order properly, you’ll be able to keep it tidy always, even if you are lazy or messy by nature. “

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, Marie Kondo

A stressful, cluttered home

Instead, toys are taking over your home.

You’ve got 3 lemon squeezers because you kept losing them in your bottomless kitchen drawers.

Preparing for a Zoom call means shuffling piles of papers and stacks of clothes out of view before you can turn on the camera.

You spend hours attempting to organise it better. Which really means constantly moving belongings from one cupboard to the next – your home a graveyard of storage solutions that Just. Don’t. Work.

There is a better way.

The Tidylicious way. For a Tidylicious home.

Instead of rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic, I’m here to offer you a lifeboat.

When you work with me, your Tidylicious home is within reach.

Based on my training in the KonMari Method®, developed by Japanese tidying expert Marie Kondo, we work together, one-on-one, to declutter your space and make your home work for you and your lifestyle.

Professional Decluttering & Organising in south east London

Do you live in south east London and would you like some help to declutter and organise your home?

I live on the border of Greenwich and Lewisham, at the bottom of Blackheath, and cover these and surrounding areas.

So also if you’re in Brockley, Dulwich, Forest Hill or anything in between, and you would like a calm, clutter-free home, let’s have a chat.

“In my study of happiness, I’ve realised that for most of us, outer order contributes to inner calm.”

Outer Order Inner Calm, Gretchen Rubin

"Thank you so much. I’m going to sleep now with a grin of satisfaction on my face just thinking of all the tidy clothes in my closet!"

Michèle, Peckham

"Hester is patient but persistent. I was able to get rid of more than I thought I would and it feels great!"

Melanie, Charlton

"I can’t express just how much Hester has helped me so far. It is so much more than decluttering. It also helps so much to let go of the past and move on!"

Rita, Brockley

"I didn’t know I could achieve so much by tidying and storing items in a different yet simple way. The time spent with Hester was both very productive and pleasant. The right comments always came at the right time and the results are amazing. It never felt so easy and effortless to keep my flat tidy, even with a child around."

Maggie, Lewisham