KonMari Method®
I did my Professional Organiser training with Marie Kondo, and I use her KonMari Method® to help clients transform their homes (and offices) into calm, clutter-free spaces.

It is a simple but effective tidying method, ensuring that you won’t revert to clutter again. It’s not a stop gap solution. Instead, it will change your house into a permanently tidy home.

The method offers a lot of flexibility, and I’d love to discuss with you how to apply it to your home.

“When tidying, focus on the positive – on the things you love. If you do, you’ll likely find that you actually enjoy tidying.”

Joy at Work, Scott Sonenshein

Let it go
Together we will look at what you want to keep/discard. During our sessions, I’ll explain how to make these decisions, and I will guide and coach you throughout. If you find it difficult to let go of items, I’ll teach you some techniques to make this process easier.

I will also help you to effectively organise everything, and suggest storage solutions. You might have heard of Marie Kondo’s unique clothes folding technique. If we include your wardrobe in your decluttering journey, I’ll share the secrets to make it look like a shop display which is easy to maintain.

Marie Kondo
Marie Kondo, the world renowned tidying expert from Japan, has written several books about how to declutter and organise homes and work spaces, including Spark Joy and The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying. You might also know her from her Netflix series.

I am a certified KonMari® Consultant based in London. This means I am fully qualified to use the tidying method developed by Marie Kondo to help you declutter and organise your home.

Marie Kondo’s mission is to ‘Organize the World’. My mission is to ‘Organise South East London’ starting with Lewisham, Greenwich, Blackheath, Brockley, Forest Hill, Dulwich and surrounding areas. I’m happy to travel further afield, and I also offer online services, so even if you don’t live near me, I might still be able to help you to transform your home into a Tidylicious Home.


“With each certified Consultant, we feel like we’re one step closer to achieving our mission of organizing the world.”

Takumi Kawahara, Co-founder and CEO of KonMari Media, Inc.

"Thank you so much. I’m going to sleep now with a grin of satisfaction on my face just thinking of all the tidy clothes in my closet!"

Michèle, Peckham

"Hester is patient but persistent. I was able to get rid of more than I thought I would and it feels great!"

Melanie, Charlton

"I can’t express just how much Hester has helped me so far. It is so much more than decluttering. It also helps so much to let go of the past and move on!"

Rita, Brockley

"I didn’t know I could achieve so much by tidying and storing items in a different yet simple way. The time spent with Hester was both very productive and pleasant. The right comments always came at the right time and the results are amazing. It never felt so easy and effortless to keep my flat tidy, even with a child around."

Maggie, Lewisham