Home decluttering and organising in Greenwich

“I love decluttering and organising homes in Greenwich!”

Hester Van Hien – Tidylicious

Home decluttering and organising in Greenwich

Home decluttering and organising in Greenwich is what I help people with. Would you like your home to be clutter-free and would you like to stop wasting time searching for lost items? Then read on to find out more about my services for home decluttering and organising in Greenwich and surrounding areas.

Would you like help to organise your whole home, or just a part of it? Perhaps your wardrobe, or should I say floordrobe, stresses you out? I can help you to reduce the amount of clothes you have and organise them in such as way that you can see everything you own, and find whatever you’re looking for. This makes choosing your daily outfit so much easier.

Or perhaps you’d like to tackle your kitchen or the guest room. Wouldn’t it be great if the kitchen work tops were clutter-free? And if you could leave the guest room door open confidently, without having to feeling worried or slightly ashamed of all the stuff you’ve crammed in there? I’m not saying that there’s any shame in having a lot of stuff. But I know that a lot of people do feel awkward about the state of their home when they’ve got people coming round.

If you’d like to have a chat about how I can help you to declutter and organise your Greenwich home, please book in a Free Consultation. This is a 30-minute video call during which we talk about how you’d like to change your home, and how I can help you to reach your goals.

Greenwich is amazing, and your home should be too!

I live on the border of Lewisham and Greenwich, and absolutely love the area. The history of Greenwich, the river, the views, Greenwich Market with its independent shops and cafes, Greenwich Park. I love visiting the National Maritime Museum. When my kids were younger, we were regulars at Ahoy! Now that they’re a bit older, they still love the Great Map. I also love visiting the Painted Hall at the Old Royal Naval College, Queen’s House (I even considered to get married there) and the Royal Observatory with the Prime Meridian of the world. My eldest daughter sang at the Chapel of St Peter and St Paul (part of the Old Royal Naval College) with her school choir.

However, I also spend a lot of time at home, and for me it’s very important that my home is clutter-free and organised. It helps me to relax and be relaxed when I’m at home.

When you come home to your Greenwich home, what do you feel when you open the front door? Is your hallway a hectic area with too many coats, shoes and wellies? And let’s not start about all the scarves, gloves, hats and umbrellas…… Can you fully relax when you sit down with a cup of tea? Or does your home feel like a never ending to do list? Perhaps you constantly see things from the corner of your eye that you feel that you could or should be doing?

If you’d like to know how I can help you to transform your home into a calm, clutter-free haven, please have a look at my Services Page. On this page, I explain all about my home decluttering and organising services in Greenwich, and surrounding areas.

Could your home be the best café in Greenwich?

Do you meet up for coffee with parents you’ve met at the school gate, or gym or yoga buddies? The state of your home is not the only thing that determines whether you’re going to have coffee at a café or at home.

Choosing to go to a local Greenwich café can be about convenience, trying out a drink that you can’t (or don’t want to) make at home, the lush selection of cakes, or perhaps the experience and being in a different environment.

Sometimes meeting up in a café rather than at home is about avoiding our home. You might not feel comfortable inviting people in for a quick cuppa, without having had the chance to “straighten out” your home first.

Would you like your home to always be ready for visitors? Decluttering and organising your home with Tidylicious could be your answer.

Even though I enjoy having people over for coffee or lunch at home, I do also meet up at local Greenwich cafés. Royal Teas and Royal Hill Café on Royal Hill, Fingals Bakery, Black Eye Coffee and Kitchen Garden on Trafalgar Road, and River Gardens Café along the Thames Pathway. I love the views over the river at River Gardens Café!

If you’d like your home to always be ready for a coffee and chat with friends, I can help you to achieve that in one or more home decluttering and organising sessions. On my Services Page you can find out more about my single sessions and packages. If any of my services sound right for you, I’m always happy to hop on a video call to to talk about how we can work together.

Let’s make your Greenwich home the best café in Greenwich!

Achieve Japanese zen-like calm with my services for home decluttering and organising in Greenwich

Have you ever tried to declutter and organise your home by yourself? A lot of people tell me that they find that the clutter always finds it way back in. This might mean that you haven’t finished the job completely, or that you haven’t found the right decluttering method yet.

I did my training with Japanese tidying expert Marie Kondo. Her mission is to ‘organise the world’. My mission is to ‘organise south east London’ starting with the areas on my doorstep: Greenwich, Lewisham, Blackheath and East Dulwich.

I like Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method® for its methodical, mindful approach and for its effectiveness. It will give you the results you’re after. And – this is very important – when you’ve used this method it will be easy to maintain a clutter-free, organised home.

Are you interested in bringing in some Japanese zen-like calm to your Greenwich home? If you’d like to have a chat with me, please have a look at my Contacts Page where you can book in a Free Consultation.

Other home decluttering and organisation methods

I love finding out about other decluttering and organisation strategies too, besides Marie Kondo’s method. And I’m also very interested in topics such as motivation and how to start and maintain new habits. Not everyone is the same, and some methods and approaches work better for some than others. I like to take a flexible approach so that my services work for you, and you get the most out of our sessions.

Anything to make your Greenwich home work for you and your lifestyle!

Do you help with sorting out storage?

Yes, I do! My services aren’t all about decluttering your home, and deciding what to keep/discard. It’s also very much about how to store all the items that you’re keeping. With the right storage solutions, it’s much easier to maintain a tidy space.

We’re lucky to have IKEA Greenwich on our doorstep. Ikea offer a wide range of storage solutions: from a variety of containers for all sorts of stuff to shoe cupboards, and from wardrobes to paperwork storage. If Ikea is not your thing, we can look at lots of other places.

But you know what? Quite often my clients don’t need any – or at least not many – extra things to store their belongings in after having decluttered.

I’d like to share a quote which I think is quite fitting now that I’m talking about storage solutions:

When you need to buy things for your things, it’s time for fewer things. When we start talking about organisational bins or extra storage options, we know it’s time get rid of stuff instead of accumulating more things to store it in.

Courtney Carver – Soulful Simplicity – How Living With Less Can Lead To So Much More

How many hours/sessions will I need to book with you?

This depends on many factors, such as the size of your home in Greenwich (or elsewhere!), the amount of ‘stuff’ you’d like to go through with me, and whether you do ‘homework’ in between sessions, for example.

Some people only book one single session with me, because they’ve got one project that they’d like to work on and we either get it done in that session, or make a great start so that it’s easy to finish without me. A few examples of small projects are under-the-stairs cupboards (lots of old homes in Greenwich have these!), small kitchens and wardrobes, kids’ bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Single sessions can be any number of hours from 4 hours up to 12 hours (yes, that’s a very long and probably tiring day but it does mean you get lots done).

If you’d like to book multiple sessions, you might want to consider one of my packages of 16 hours, 30 hours or 60 hours. You can find out more about my packages here.

Pile of books and magazines - most books written by Japanese tidying expert Marie Kondo, and read by Hester from Tidylicious, who provides home decluttering and organising services in Greenwich

“I did my training with Japanese tidying expert Marie Kondo.”

Hester Van Hien – Tidylicious

In what areas do you offer your home decluttering and organising in Greenwich?

Hester from Tidylicious, who helps people to declutter and organise their homes in Greenwich and other areas in south east London on her bike

“I usually cycle to my decluttering and organising clients in Greenwich.”

Hester Van Hien – Tidylicious

I live close to the Ashburnham Triangle, and travel within an hour each way from SE10 8FN is included in my rates. If you live further away, there might be a surcharge for travel time/costs. So in the borough of Greenwich, I cover Charlton, Kidbrooke, Lee and Blackheath just to name a few.

Or, we could do an online session and get your Greenwich home (or home further away) decluttered and organised like that. During online sessions, I coach you through the process of deciding what to keep/discard. Even though you don’t have my extra pair of hands to help you, there is a lot of opportunity to go deeper and really change your mindset.

Are you ready to declutter and organise your Greenwich home?

If you think you’re ready to sort out your home, once and for all, please have a look at my Services Page to find out more about my services and rates. But if you’d first like to find out a little bit more about me, you can do that here.

I look forward to hearing from you, and help you to declutter and organise your Greenwich home!

"Thank you so much. I’m going to sleep now with a grin of satisfaction on my face just thinking of all the tidy clothes in my closet!"

Michèle, Peckham

"Hester is patient but persistent. I was able to get rid of more than I thought I would and it feels great!"

Melanie, Charlton

"I can’t express just how much Hester has helped me so far. It is so much more than decluttering. It also helps so much to let go of the past and move on!"

Rita, Brockley

"I didn’t know I could achieve so much by tidying and storing items in a different yet simple way. The time spent with Hester was both very productive and pleasant. The right comments always came at the right time and the results are amazing. It never felt so easy and effortless to keep my flat tidy, even with a child around."

Maggie, Lewisham