29 easy things to declutter on 29 February

by | Feb 28, 2024 | Blog

What are you going to do with your extra day this year? As a Professional Home Organiser, I think some home decluttering would be a good use of your time! Here I share 29 easy things to declutter on 29 February. They’re so easy, there will even be time left to do some other things. Perhaps a nice cup of coffee at your local café after you’ve donated your unwanted items to a charity shop?

29 easy things to declutter on 29 January

  1. A recipe book that you never cook from

  2. A single sock

  3. An old newspaper or magazine

  4. An old bill

  5. A face mask from covid times

  6. An unread, or partly, read book that you’re not going to read (or finish reading)

  7. A food item that’s past its use by date

  8. A pan, pot or dish that hasn’t seen the day of light in the past two years

  9. A plate, bowl or mug that’s chipped

  10. A jar of spice that you purchased for a specific recipe but only used once and won’t use again

  11. That extra set of bedding for just-in-case situations, which either don’t happen or when they do happen, you can use one of your regular sets

  12. Expired covid tests

  13. Medication that is out of date

  14. The surplus of calpol syringes

  15. Underwear of which the elastic has gone

  16. A notebook that you’ve used a lot but won’t refer back to or write in again

  17. A lid from a food container with no matching container

  18. A gift bag that you’re holding onto to re use but is actually not nice enough to re use (perhaps it’s too bent or folded)

  19. A birthday card you received

  20. A plant that’s unfortunately died and can’t be brought back to life

  21. A cable that you have no idea what it’s for

  22. A board game you never play

  23. A pair of shoes – a pair that’s either uncomfortable, beyond repair, simply past its best, or you’ve stopped liking (or never liked, now that you think about it)

  24. An item related to a hobby that you no longer spend time on – think paint brush, sculpture or wood carving tool, baking equipment

Easy digital decluttering

As digital clutter is a thing too, here are some digital items to declutter:

  1. 10 duplicate photos on your phone

  2. Unsubscribe from one e-newsletter and delete all newsletters sent by this company. Don’t unsubscribe from the Tidylicious newsletter please 😉

  3. Leave a WhatsApp group you’re no longer active in, and delete the group off your phone

  4. Delete an old word or excel document from your laptop

  5. Only leave one tab open on your phone’s internet browser; close all the others

Where and how to get rid

A lot of the above items can’t be used by other people any more and will need to be recycled or chucked in the bin. If an item is still in good condition though, please try and donate it to your local charity shop.

Here are a few suggestions on how to get rid of some of the other items:

  • Medication – drop off at your local pharmacy

  • Clothes – find your nearest recycling container or textile bank

  • Bedding, including duvets – these can be dropped off for free at H&M or Dunelm and they’ll recycle them for you. At H&M you’ll receive a voucher which you can redeem in store.

  • DIY related items, such as tools and paint – the charity Men’s Sheds is happy to accept donations, but do contact your local Shed to check what they need as they not always need/want all your unwanted DIY related items.


Author: Hester Van Hien from Tidylicious is a Home Decluttering & Organising Consultant based in south east London. She helps people to declutter their space and make their home work for them and their lifestyle. Imagine what it will feel like to have a home you love, that makes your life easier, calmer, and more fun. If you’d like to talk with me about how I can help you and your home, please schedule a Free Consultation.

Hester, professional organiser at Tidylicious, in her kitchen with a sign stating "29 February"

"29 February - one whole extra day! What will you do on this day? "

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